Parent resources

Here are some of the resources that I include in my evaluations...

Learning More about ADHD    

My 10 Favorite things about having ADHD

How to ADHD: Youtube channel that teaches about the aspects of having ADHD.

How to Explain



Made by Dyslexia: empowering video from famous individuals who struggled in school

The Dyslexic Advantage: emphases the unique gifts that individuals with dyslexia have.

See Dyslexia Differently: animated video about dyslexia

Autism Education    

Welcome to the Autistic Community

Amazing kids: Kids talking about their experiences being autistic

Autism Strengths profile

Uniquely Human: Podcast that discusses the Autistic Experience

Communicating with Children

How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen,

And Listen So Your Kids Will Talk, this 

is a wonderful book to remind us of the

importance of listening!! 

Anxiety Disorders  

Breaking Free of Child Anxiety 

and OCD: by Leibowitz

This book discusses some of the 

accommodations that parents make to 

keep their children from experiencing


Gifted Resources 

Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted discusses some of the unique challenges that come with raising GT children.